What is Chia Jelly Smoothie?

Fruita Chia Jelly Smoothie is weight control & meal replacement beverage. This innovative drink is produced under special centrifugation process that extracts only jelly from basil seed. Together with chia seed (6 times more omega-3 than deep sea fish and blueberry) and fruit juice & puree, Fruita becomes Superjuice by its super-nutritional ingredients from around the world. The smoothness sensation is derived naturally from basil jelly, no yogurt or dairy products. Taste good, easy to drink, no sugar added, no preservatives, Fruita provides what you need for your modern healthy lifestyle.

What is Natural Jelly?

Natural Jelly comes from our special R&D technique called centrifugation process that extracts only jelly from basil seed. So Fruita Chia Jelly Smoothie is totally natural.

Is It Real Fruit?

We use only real fruit, 100% natural, not from concentrate, no dehydration. Whole fresh fruits are delivered to our factory so that our customers get the best & the purest.

What is Fruita Superjuice?

Our Fruita Superjuice changes the beverage industry by selecting and combining super-nutritional ingredients into one bottle: Fruita Slim, Fruita Smart, and Fruita Skin.

Who is Fruita Natural Co., Ltd.?

Fruita Natural is manufacturer and exporter of natural and organic beverage to the US. It is a co-development of both Thai and American R&D, Supply Chain (Global Sourcing), and Marketing team. We supply products to top chain stores in the US such as Safeway, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market and Costco.